YSR Vahana Mitra Scheme Eligibility, Amount Status and Faq

ysr vahana mitra scheme providing money to owners of auto-rickshaws for increasing self-employment and reduce burden of operational expenses.

Government of Andhra pradesh implementing Ysr Vahana Mitra Scheme (also known as the auto driver scheme) through Transport Department for disbursing financial assistance of Rs 10,000 on an annual basis to self-owned Auto/Taxi Drivers for helping them meet their vehicle maintenance expenses and insurance costs and overall expenses related to their vehicles. Let's read the key features of the Ysr Vahana Mitra Scheme.


  • Owner of following vehicles such as auto-rickshaws, Taxis, Maxi cabs, or any other public passenger transportation.
  • The applicant shall possess a valid light motor vehicle driving licence, registration certificate and tax receipt in case of LT cabs.
  • Only one person is eligible as per Household data.
  • The Owner of the vehicle and licenced persons are different but existing in the same household allowed though both names are enrolled in different rice cards
  • The registered owner of the vehicle is eligible to get benefits among the consisting family in the same household. Driving licence holder has not received the money.
  • Both the owner's and Driving licence holder's names must enrolled in the rice card.

Who are Ineligible?

  • The owners of three-wheeler/four-wheeler light goods vehicles are not eligible under the vahana mitra scheme. However, Mobile Dispensing Units (MDUs) operated vehicles are exempted
  • Other states driving licence holders are ineligible
  • The applicant should not be a beneficiary of any other occupational groups related to Ap government schemes such as Dappu Kalakarulu pension, cobbler, toddy tappers, weavers pensioners etc.
  • The applicant/family members shall not be a government employees/pensioners except sanitary workers
  • The beneficiary and his/her family members should not be an income tax payee
  • The monthly more than 300 units of electricity consumption of the family dwelling unit (owned/rented) is ineligible
  • Land particulars exceeding 3 acres of wet/10 acres dry or 10 acres wet and dry land ineligible
  • In the Municipal areas, the applicant's family should not possess property more than 1000 Sq.feet of residential/commercial built-up area
  • GSTN holder
  • Asha Worker and Anganwadi Teacher family.

How to Know Ap Vehicle Details?

Required Documents:

  • ☛ Applicant Aadhar (If the ownership and licence persons are not the same, owner Aadhar is also required)
  • ☛ The bank account shall be on the name of the owner of the vehicle
  • ☛ Valid Registration certificate (RC) and tax in case of LT cabs.
  • ☛ Valid Driving Licence
  • ☛ Caste Certificate
  • ☛ Income Certificate

Online Application Process:

Previous year eligible beneficiaries are not required to apply again even though sold the last year registered vehicle and purchased a new vehicle in the case of single vehicle beneficiaries. Their names will be continued as usual in this year's eligible list.

Beneficiaries who sold the last year vehicle and purchased multiple new ones, must submit the new application forms.

Procedure for Verification:

(A). Transport Department Role:

This administration transmitted information on both old and new vehicles to the GSWS office, subsequently, WEA/WWDS used this data for next-level verification.

(B). WEA/WWDS Role:

Provisional eligible and re-verification lists subject to examine and take the necessary action by welfare assistant in two ways.

(1) In the case of the Eligible list:

  • The WEA/WWDS must compulsorily visit the beneficiary household and shall upload the field verification form and photo of WEA/WWDS along with the beneficiary and vehicle.
  • Verify the documents relating to the permanent residence of the beneficiary and confirm their current residence at the disclosed permanent address.
  • Kindly examine the validity of the documents pertaining to the beneficiary's ownership of the vehicle
  • If the applicant is not the owner, certification that the family member is the rightful owner in accordance with the provided guidelines
  • If the vehicle and ownership details are accurate and meets all requirements, proceed to approve the application and forward the next stage.

(2). In the case of Reverification list:

Sometimes qualified persons' applications became disqualified due to not satisfying six-step validation. In this scenario exercising appropriate due diligence as per the prescribed scheme guidelines. Those are:

(a). Electricity:

If the beneficiary claims that the electricity usage data associated with their current meter number is incorrect, determine the subsequent course of action.

(b). No Record Found:

There is a chance that vehicle-related documents have not been updated at the transport department. Hence, you may intimate the local RTO about the issue. Once notified, the data will be automatically fetched.

(c). Invalid Vehicle registration:

This may arise as the beneficiary does not renewal of a certificate of registration or is not issued a new certificate for the new beneficiary. Hence, the applicant should submit the vehicle number, RC details, Driving licence number and Aadhar at the grama sachivalayam for raising a grievance against his/her ineligibility.

(d). Invalid Licence:

Expired date of the driving licence is not acceptable so that be renewed before applying the date otherwise raise a grievance with valid DL proof.

(e). Vehicle Change:

There is a chance that the beneficiary sold their old vehicle to a scrap business and purchased a new vehicle without erasing the old data at the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Consequently, the old vehicle data remains present in the WEA NBM login for verification, leading to the rejection of their application. In this situation raise a grievance with old and new vehicles numbers to address the problem.

Note: WEA/WWDS will be responsible for the correctness of the information but has no authority to reject applications regarding RC and DL validation dates that will be carried out by the GSWS department, which relies on information provided by the Transport Department.

(C). MPDO/MC Role:

The concerned MPDO/Municipal Commissioner shall physically verify 2% of the accepted applications, by visiting the applicant's residence and authenticate the same through Digisign/Aadhar based OTP.

(D). Final Process:

The District Collector shall approve the beneficiary list and then payment will be generated after approval by respective MDs of corporations and disbursement by the Hon'ble Chief Minister.

Payment Status:

This link indicating that ysr vahana mitra payment status once the transaction successfully completed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(1). Is the Auto-Rikshaw e-vehicle eligible for vahana mitra scheme?

Ans: Auto-Rickshaw category vehicles data is registered at RTO so that they are allowed to get the benefit.

(2). Is Insurance validity necessary for this scheme?

Ans: Not Need

(3). What can do "vehicle details already registered with same UID" message appeared when we try to enroll new application?

Ans: GSWS setting clear guidelines and emphasising that no need to entry again because those applications came to authentication.


The main strategy of this initiative is to improve the economic condition of financial need people, generate self-employment opportunities and ultimately enhance the growth of the public transportation system in Ap.

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