Dappu Artist Pension Eligibility details in Andhrapradesh

government of andhrapradesh introducing pension to dappu artists to poor sections in schedule castes component as a social security measure.

There is no denying the fact that Dappu beating is the native to the state of andhrapradesh which is an integral part of the celebration of any ritual/festivity and is also utilized from birth to the grave of the man but at present time advent of modern technology in music, notably instrumentation music kills the flourishing popularity of the Dappu, while the seasonal nature of employment and the instability of the income sources causes serious consequences of Dappu artists along with age burden of the older artists, as a result, pertinent families failed on to the delegated of their profession to the next generation as their way of life, especially youth deprecate to accept Dappu is their profession.

In this regard the Director of Social Welfare elaborate government about the difficulties of the poor section of the scheduled castes people and submitted a progressive proposal to the government for introducing a new financial assistance scheme to Dappu artists to get around the problem.

After consideration of the enshrined proposals of the Director of social welfare, the Government of AP go full speed on initiate a new scheme of Pension to Dappu artists to protect and rejuvenate the traditional art form of dappu.

Key Points of this Scheme:

Name of the SchemePension to Dappu Artists
Type of PensionMonthly Pension
Amount of Pension3000 rupees per month as a social safety net
Mode of registrationThrough online at grama sachivalayam
Mode of DisbursalThrough the society of elimination of rural poverty (serp) on the lines of other social security pensions
OrganizationSocial welfare Department

Required Documents:

DocumentFor the proof of
AadharBeneficiary belongs to AP
Aadhar Update HistoryBeneficiary age shall be above 50 years
Identity card issued by information & public relations departmentBeneficiary shall be a Dappu Artist
Caste CertificateBeneficiary shall belong to the SC community
Income CertificateBeneficiary shall be below income 1.20 lakhs per annum in rural and 1.44 lakhs per annum in urban
Rice CardBeneficiary family shall be from BPL
Household DataBeneficiary and others in the same family not be drawing any other pension

Eligibility Criteria:

All SC community people not deserved to this scheme. Dappu art form should be the main livelihood of that family. In the true sense, the practitioner should have folk performing arts, especially dances. Furthermore, participate for any announcing or publicising event by beating Dappu in village festivals.

Guidelines for the selection of the real Beneficiaries:

The Village Revenue Officer gives a favourable report if he believes the person's capability at the field level, then the practitioner should submit a certified copy of the VRO at the Tahsildar office. The Tahsildar issued one certificate for his originality based on the vetted report from VRO. Finally, the District Public Relations Officer (DPRO) issued an identity card with discerning the truth in the MRO statement and also observing the consummate skill of the artist in front of him.

Field Enquiry Details:

The field officer should keep a wary eye on the identity cards issued by DPRO because most of the beneficiaries submit fake ID cards. For that originality confirmation, the field officer must contact the DPRO office either by phone call or directly visiting the office before applying for the Dappu artist pension. After that go to the beneficiary dwelling place for field enquiry and take a report from neighbours, village people and elders about the calibre of the artist.

What are the elements included in the Identity Card?

The beneficiary will receive the Identity card. A unique digital number and Aadhar number shall be created and reflected on the ID Card. The ID Card shall enable the applicant's recognition as a Dappu Artist and shall make them eligible to avail all the benefits under the related schemes.

Note: Recently the ID card issuing authority changing from Department of Language and Culture to Department of Tourism and Culture in srikakulam district.


This Social Security Pension is the government's commitment towards subsidised problems and securing a diginified life to the most vulnerable section of the scheduled castes people.

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