Energy Department Grievance Redressal at Grama Sachivalayam

energy department grievance redressal mechanism was enabled at village and ward secretariats in ap for resolving complaints against this department.

Andhra Pradesh government set below 300 units of electricity consumption to family for getting eligibility for all welfare schemes including amma vodi. However, some users and beneficiaries losing the benefit even though they don't have that much due to the Energy department wrongly calculated or some unknown person's current meter connected to their aadhar number. Hence grievance redressal provision is enabled at every grama/ward secretariats for raise complaints against any power distribution related company (EPDCL, SPDCL, CPDCL) in ap that will be cleared by the energy department through sachivalayam.

Types of Consumer Complaints:

Billing related complaints
  • wrong data on Bill
  • ACD/SC/BB/Arrears Disputes
  • wrong entry during bill payment
Meter related complaints
  • Meter Burnt
  • Meter Seal Cut
  • Meter running fast/creeping
  • Meter is running slow/sluggish
  • Meter struck up
  • No seal/seal cut
  • Meter Damage
  • Meter Lost
Other Customer Services
  • Shifting of service within the premises
  • Address Correction
  • Requirement of additional poles
  • Line shift
  • DTR shift
  • Termination/Permanent Dismantle
  • pole shifting
  • Clubbing of service
  • 24 hours supply
  • Shifting of service to different premises
  • temporary supply below 10 days
  • DTR failure service

Required Documents:

S.NODepartment NameService NameDescription ServiceDocuments
01EnergyLT-Title TransferThis service is used for the citizen who wants to transfer the meter from the father (only if expired) to the son
  • Signed Application
  • Property Documents
  • ID Proof
  • Current Bill
02Name CorrectionThis Service is used for the citizen who wants to change his name or make corrections to it
03Wrong BillingThis Service is used to complaining related to billing which was wrongly generated
  • Application
  • ID Proof
  • Current Bill
  • Request Letter
04Meter CreepingThis Service is used to complain related to meter running fast
  • Signed Application
  • ID Proof
  • Current Bill
05Category ChangeThis Service is used for the citizen who wants to change their meter category from 2 to 1
06Shifting of Service different premisesThis Service is used for Citizen who wants to shift his meter to another premises
  • Photo ID proof
  • Bill Copy
  • Request Letter
  • LT Application
  • Proof of Ownership
  • Wiring Certificate
  • Test Report

Process for Grievance Redressal:

Mostly DISCOM related complaints araised on the below issues.

1. Title Transfer:

When a Citizen visits the Secretariat complaining about the following, then DA/WEDS may raise a request under this service.

  1. Electric meter mapped to his/her Aadhar is being used by the Tenants
  2. He/She has sold the property and the Electric meter should be transferred to someone else

2. Aadhar seeding and deseeding:

  1. Beneficiary possesses no electric meter yet the system has an electric meter tagged to him/her.
  2. Beneficiary Aadhar number mapped to a different meter

The beneficiary should bring a confirmation letter from AE of the Energy Department that meter was not belonged to their family and submit it to DA/WEDS before raising a grievance otherwise not permissible.

3. Name Correction:

The Name displayed in the system is incorrect for the Meter mapped to his/her Aadhar, then DA/WEDS may take action on this issue.

4. Wrong Billing:

When a Citizen visits the Secretariat complaining that he/she has consumed less units than reflecting in the system, then a request for this service shall be raised.

Grievance work flow:

All the above services for Energy Department will have the same flow as below:

  1. The DA/WEDS should first raise a grievance in "Navasakam Beneficiary Management" against the Energy as the Grievance Type and submit the Grievance. A grievance ID will be generated.
  2. After raising a grievance, DA/WEDS should apply for the Service against that grievance ID with the relevant documents, which is directly available in the NBM portal
  3. Note: It is necessary to a Service Request along with raising a Grievance for the Data to be updated
  4. Once DA fills out the application form and applies for the service, it is forwarded to the AE Energy Department Login who verifies the details and approves/rejects
  5. Once the Service Request is closed, then the status of the grievance will be updated and the database will be updated.
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