Lodge a Grievance On Land Issues and Redressal Process in Ap

file a grievance on land issues and redressal process due to wrong data corrections in land records for getting welfare schemes in andhra pradesh.

The Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) is provided various welfare schemes on saturation basis to every eligible citizen of Andhra Pradesh irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region, gender, and political connection. However, incorrect entries in land records as well as lack of knowledge on solvation of land issue became made biggest enemy in the view of eligible citizens, therefore I briefly explained on land issues grievance and redressal process through NBM, which is one stop solution for all schemes including vehicle scheme and Ammavodi. Here we delve into four methods separately for solving land issues and one method for urban property.

Required Documents:

  • ☞ Certificate from Revenue Department(Bhu Druvikarna)
  • ☞ Pattadar Passbook or ROR-1B
  • ☞ Ascertain land possession
  • ☞ Land transfer documents
  • ☞ Registraiton Document

Complaint Registration:

The DA/WEDS should first raise a grievance in "Navasakam Beneficiary Management" against the Land as the Grievance Type and submit the Grievance. A grievance ID will be generated.

After raising a grievance, DA/WEDS should apply for the service using that grievance ID under "Create Grievance Service Request" with the relevant documents. This service is directly available in the NBM portal.

Note: It is necessary to a Service Request along with raising a Grievance for the Data to be updated and to be eligible for the Scheme.

Process 1: Mobile Number and Pattadhar Aadhaar Number Seeding and deseeding:

This option can be used in the following cases

  1. Buyer has land within limits yet system shows no land is present
  2. System is showing more land than what beneficiary possess. Some other land also tagged with his/her Aadhaar
  3. Beneficiary family sold land and even after the buyer did mutation, system shows it in beneficiary name.

Redressal Process:

Step 1:

After lodge a complaint, The DA/WEDS shall mandatorily enter the grievance ID into the "Service Request" option on "Mobile number and pattadhar Aadhar number seeding" that will be redirected to the meeseva portal after submission.

Step 2:

Once DA/WEDS fills the application form, take a Aadhar based biometric authentication of the land owner, it is forwarded to the VRO's webland login and then to the Tahsildar webland login.

Step 3:

Tahsildar approves/rejects based on the recommendations from vro. Once the service request is closed, then the status of the grievance will be updated and the database at GSWS portal will be updated.

Process 2: Mutation and Title Deed Cum Pattadhar Passbook:

Beneficiary has already sold the land to another person but showing on his/her name due to mutation not done, so you should follow this step.

Redressal Process:

Step 1:

Here, The DA/WEDS following the same procedure as aforesaid method using "Mutation and title deed cum pattadhar passbook" option.

Step 2:

Once applies for the service, it is forwarded to the VRO's webland login. The village revenue officer reviews the application before passing it on to the next officer name RI.

Step 3:

After Recommendations of the vro, the service will be reached at Revenue Inspector login and forwarded to Deputy Tahsildar (DT) login based on input provided by the vro.

Step 4:

Finally the application reached on the desk of the Tahsildar from DT and the MRO use his/her discretion if he/she is believing that all recommendations made by previous officers are accurate and appropriate the predefined rules. Once the request is approved, it will be closed and data will be shown exact figure.

Process 3: Rectifications of entries in record of rights:

This problem araised by system wrongly showing wet land and dry land differentiation due to clerical errors in ROR-1B, which is a new phenomenon compared with above two procedures and present this service not available, albeit grievance work flow configured. However previously discussing methods dealth with very promptly to solve land issue.

Process 4: Spandana Portal:

Citizen also raise their issue in Spandana but request may go through below stages of processing before reaching final resolution. Let's follow into the below steps:

Choose OptionRevenueRevenue (CCLA)Land transfer regulation petition casesCorrection of entries
StagesMRORDOJoint Collector

Redressal Process:

Step 1:

To submit a grievance following the same format as above, and then upload all relevant documents with the help of registration ID.

Step 2:

The service request reach MRO login at inception level. The MRO giving reply on the particular issue after reviewed all necessary documents. If the beneficiary not satified Tahsildar resolution that was moved to higher officer. This led to the application being forwarded to RDO login after re-open.

Step 3:

Upon receiving land particulars, the RDO look into the matter promptly and given one suitable solution. Yet, the issue not making any progress at stage 3 then move to the next officer name JC (rb & R).

Step 4:

The Joint Collector find the flaws in the land records and close the grievance with pertinent solution. In case problem not in JC hands, Joint Collector escalated complex of the problem to final destination of P.d., cmro project, Ccla office, Mangalagiri. Remarkably, within a short period, the land issue will be redressed.

Urban Property (MAUD):

When a citizen is found to be ineligible in view of the fact that the system incorrectly reflecting Urban Property mapped to his/her Aadhar like in the following cases:

  1. sold the property to another person
  2. never owned any property in urban area
  3. showing excess property than what is owned by the person.

Redressal Process:

In this case MAUD services are not directly available in the NBM portal. Hence the DA/WEDS shall ask the citizen to visit the respective ULB Municipal Office and apply for relevant service to get it corrected in the database. The MAUD Department will clear this problem in ERP portal then new data will be reflected with the updated details.

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