Part Time Jobber in AP Eligible to Work MGNREGS as per memo

part time jobber in Andhrapradesh including grama sachivalayam volunteers eligible to work mgnregs as per guidelines of director mgnregs to PD, DWMA
part time jobber in ap eligible to work mgnregs

The core objective of the MGNREGA 2005 is to enhance the livelihood security of households in rural areas by providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment opportunities in a financial year to households, whose adult member volunteers to do unskilled manual work. Further, it is learnt that the village volunteers are paid honorarium based on the biometric attendance which is captured for 3 days in a week.

In the context stated supra, vide the reference cited, the Hon'ble MLA Rampachodavaram constituency has submitted a representation with a request to provide wage employment to grama sachivalayam volunteers working in Andhrapradesh.

Director of MGNREGS, after careful consideration of the request of the Hon'ble MLA to address meagre salary of the volunteers, hereby accords to allow any person working on menial jobs whether contract basis or part time and not drawing regular salary to work under MGNREGS, subject to the condition that they should not attend any duty other than MGNREGS work for such period.

Hence, the Project Directors, DWMA are requested to make note of the above and ensure that the village volunteers shall attend the MGNREGS work on such days during which they have not attended to Grama sachivalayam duties.


The above statement brings mirthful on the face of the person who does less importance of jobs in other fields and showed their obsequious loyalty on that guidelines.

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