Village and Ward Volunteers removed on irresponsible duties

village and ward volunteers removed by department of grama Sachivalayam if they not behave well with public, corruption and doing illegal things etc
village and ward volunteers removed on irresponsible duties

The Government of Andhrapradesh has appointed 2.66 lakh village/ward volunteers on monthly Rs 5000 honorarium for delivering Government programmes/schemes and implementing Navaratnalu in a transparent manner to their alloting 50 households in rural areas and 70-100 households in urban areas.

However, in recent times Government observed that some volunteers irresponsible accusations with the public, so issued some guidelines to the continuation of any volunteer is purely based on her/his performance and government dealt strictly with them who invloved disengaged from duty on any of the grounds of

  1. Corruption
  2. Not discharging services properly
  3. Improper civic behaviour
  4. Involving moral turpitude
  5. Committed any irregularity
  6. Misappropriation of government funds/assets
  7. Failure to discharge higher authority orders

Where to receive grievances against volunteers?

Public can file a complaint on volunteers from approaching various sources like spandana portal, every monday spandana at the collectorate or district headquarters or calling to spandana call center and so on.

Procedure for disengagement:

  1. If any allegation is received against the village/ward volunteer the Panchayat Secretary/Ward Administrative Secretary concerned shall conduct enquiry and submit their collection of evidence to the MPDO/Municipal Commissioner (Appointing Authority) concerned for necessary action.
  2. The Panchayat Secretary/Ward Administrative Secretary shall -

    1. Issue Notice for grama/ward volunnteer to appear in person for enquiry informing him/her of the Date & Time of enquiry by Panchayat Secretary/Ward Administrative Secretary.
    2. Conduct enquiry as per procedure, inform the complete contents of complaint to the volunteer, record the statement of witnesses if any, inform the same to the volunteer and record the statement of volunnteer to defend the same.
    3. Report Enquiry Findings to the Appointing Authority along with Record of Enquiry and Recommendation.
  3. Based on the receipt of the report of the Panchayat Secretary/Ward Administrative Secretary, the MPDO/Municipal Commissioner concerned, as the case may be, shall issue disengagement proceedings.

Appealing Provision for Review

The Volunteer has the right to an appeal within one week from the date of receipt of disengagement orders issued by MPDO/MC, before a Committee specially constituted at every division for review.

Committee Formation:

Government hereby constitutes a four member committee to review and redress Grievances of Disengaged Volunteers in every Division with the following officers -

Revenue Divisional OfficerThe Chairman
Divisional level Development Officer (DLDO)Member Convenor
Divisional Panchayat OfficerOne Member
Regional Director of Municipal Administration representativeas the other Member

The Committee discern the magnitude of involvement of projected volunteers based on the report of disciplinary authority and also hear the appeal so filed by the volunteer and then issue orders accordingly.

Role of Collectors:

The District Collectors shall ensure the effective functioning of the above committee in each Revenue Division and also ensure that these orders are widely circulated among all concerned officers and Village and Ward Secretariats.


What therefore follows from this is that every employee whether gettinng salary or honorarium should followed their roles and responsibilities are assigned by the government and try to get positive appraisal by the public with excellence.

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