PM Surya Ghar Yojana Solar Rooftop Calculator

pm surya ghar yojana solar rooftop calculator provides idea of the system size, project cost, available subsidy, and your out-of-pocket expense.
pm surya ghar yojana solar rooftop calculator

Recognizing the immense potential of solar energy and its environmental benefits, the Indian government launched the PM Surya Ghar Yojana for sustainable living.

But how do you know if solar power is right for you, and what are the potential benefits?

Here we are attempting to provide you with two methods of calculations, which empowers individuals to explore the feasibility and advantages of embracing solar power. Let's delve into the topic.

Method 1: National Portal Rooftop Solar Calculator Estimation:

The PM Surya Ghar Yojana Solar Rooftop Calculator is a user-friendly tool designed to assist homeowners in estimating their share of the project cost, taking into account the subsidy, as well as anticipated reduction in electricity bills over time after inputting specific parameters such as:

  1. Your state of residence
  2. Whether your application is for residential or commercial use
  3. The total usable area of your rooftop
  4. The amount of money you're willing to invest
  5. Your average monthly electricity bill

Upon entering the relevant details, the solar rooftop calculator generates below valuable insights regarding the solar power potential of the property.

Project Cost +
Subsidy +
1 kWh
  • Rs. 50000
  • Rs. 30000
  • Rs. 20000
130 sq.ft. or 12 sq.m.4.32 kWh/dayRs 12.96/day
2 kWh
  • Rs. 100000
  • Rs. 60000
  • Rs. 40000
200 sq.ft. or 19 sq.m.8.64 kWh/dayRs 25.92/day
3 kWh
  • Rs. 145000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 67000
300 sq.ft. or 28 sq.m.12.96 kWh/dayRs 38.88/day
4 kWh
  • Rs. 185000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 107000
400 sq.ft. or 37 sq.m.17.28 kWh/dayRs 51.84/day
5 kWh
  • Rs. 225000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 147000
550 sq.ft. or 51 sq.m.21.6 kWh/dayRs 64.8/day
6 kWh
  • Rs. 240000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 162000
650 sq.ft. or 60 sq.m.25.92 kWh/dayRs 77.76/day
7 kWh
  • Rs. 280000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 202000
750 sq.ft. or 70 sq.m.30.24 kWh/dayRs 90.72/day
8 kWh
  • Rs. 320000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 242000
800 sq.ft. or 74 sq.m.34.56 kWh/dayRs 103.68/day
9 kWh
  • Rs. 360000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 282000
900 sq.ft. or 84 sq.m.38.88 kWh/dayRs 116.64/day
10 kWh
  • Rs. 400000
  • Rs. 78000
  • Rs. 322000
1000 sq.ft. or 93 sq.m.43.2 kWh/dayRs 129.6/day

Method 2: Our Own Research:

In this guide, we calculate data from two ways and presenting minimum values. Please note that some states may have higher prices per unit than this

Cost of Electricity from the Grid of DISCOM:

For suppose, the daily electricity consumption of the consumer is 1.53 units, with a cost of 5 rupees per unit, resulting in a daily spending of 7.65 rupees.

Consumer Produced from Solar:

On average, solar electricity generation experiences peak sunlight hours of around 5 hours per day

Derating factor like dust, inverter losses etc., and is typically around 0.75 (25 % reduction)

Formula for potential energy per day = Plant Capacity (kw) × Peak Sunlight hour/day × Derating factor

1 kw × 5 hours/day × 0.75 = 3.75 kwh


Now consumer saving units per day = Solar energy − Grid energy

3.75 kwh − 1.53 = 2.22 kwh

DISCOM will purchase surplus power generated from solar through net meter per unit is = Rs 3 (minimum)

Total benefit of the consumer per day including self consumption is = Grid Energy + Solar Energy

Rs 7.65 + 2.22 (kwh) × Rs 3 = Rs 14.31


  1. As per the official national portal calculator showing profit per day on 1 kw is Rs 12.96
  2. As per our research getting profit is Rs 14.31

Can both methods consider on other economic viability of solar rooftop systems like lifespan and maintenance costs?

Absolutely No. We examine how technology can enhance energy efficiency, maximize energy yield and empowering homeowners to make informed decisions and leverage cutting-edge solutions for their solar installations.


In our research, the potential solar energy produced cost is higher than the consumption cost of electricity from the grid. Therefore, based solely on cost comparison, there is a direct benefit to the consumer in adopting solar energy.

However, the results from the above two calculations are indicative and may differ slightly in reality but the PM Surya Ghar Yojana Solar Rooftop Calculator and our research paper serves as a valuable information for individuals and businesses to make informed decision about whether solar power is a good fit for your situation.

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