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family member certificate requested by individuals to prove their relationship with deceased person for transferring assets and other benefits.
family member certificate apply online etc

The Family Member Certificate (FMC) is a document issued by the local revenue department that provides details about the relationship of the deceased with his/her other family members and is required for availing the benefits and updations of properties and other details.

Uses of Family Member Certificate:

If the family head demise, any family member of the deceased such as a spouse or son or daughter will be allowed to get a Family Member Certificate for the purpose of below profits.

(1). Chief Minister Relief Fund/Covid ex-gratia assistance:

This document is needed for funds or ex-gratia reaches the intended beneficiaries.

(2). Pension and Retirement Benefits:

This document upholds maintains transparency and accountability in the disbursement of retirement benefits such as gratuity, provident fund etc over inheritance.

(3). Insurance Claims/Bank Joint Account:

If both the policyholder and the nominee are dies before the maturity of the policy, then officials may ask a FMC to verify the relationship between the deceased and the beneficiaries for preventing illegal claimed benefits.

(4). Property Transactions:

A Family Member Certificate is needed to prevent unauthorized transfers that would oversee property transactions by verifying the relationship between the parties involved.

(5). Government Schemes & Subsidies:

If both the head of the household and the nominee died before the maturity period of government-backed pension scheme, this document would have far-reaching effects for drawing the money.

(6). Disaster Relief Assistance:

In the aftermath of natural disasters or emergencies, FMC helps to identify affected persons and aid reaches households with genuine needs.

Family Member Certificate Rules:

  • There is no right to reject the FMC if any household person is not available at the time of recording statement.
  • Mostly second marriage cases are void so that user should consult with a qualified lawyer for accurate legal advise on this scenario.
  • Extended family members such as sibling or grandchild is ineligible. Applicable only for nuclear families.
  • No objection certificate from family members is required for transferring property in case the deceased person did not leave a will or arise any disputes between the parties.
  • Do not give this certificate if the deceased family member was a non-resident of the particular state.

Required Documents for Family Member Certificate:

To obtain a family member certificate in Andhra Pradesh, the applicant should have below checklist when applying online, such as:

  1. Application Form
  2. 100 rupees notarized affidavit containing name, age and aadhar numbers of all the family members of a deceased person
  3. Family members and death person aadhaar documents xerox copies
  4. Death Certificate

Apply for Family Member Certificate Online in Andhra Pradesh Process:

There are three ways available to apply. Those are:

  1. Visit your grama/ward sachivalayam or go to the nearest Meeseva center or you can apply for self-registration through Ap seva portal.
  2. Get family member certificate application form and read what instructions are provided in the form, then fill out neatly all required sections of the application with accurate information and then include all necessary supporting documents, thereafter submit the application at the place of where you go.
  3. Once the application is submitted, pay the prescribed fee and collect the acknowledgment receipt
  4. Follow up on application status with the service request number printed on the acknowledgment receipt on the home page of the ap seva portal while your registered mobile number also receives updates about your application status through SMS or Whatsapp
  5. If you believe you are eligible to get FMC but the revenue department is not being offered the certificate in the stated time period, you should approach directly RDO or collector grievance.

The applicant should keep it mind points:

(1). Data Accuracy:

Verify the information provided in the application form before submission due to discrepancies or inaccuracies leading to delays in the processing of your application.

(2). Follow Standards of Integrity:

If you provide misinformation during data-entry either intentionally or unintentionally can face legal consequences so that seek advice from the officials if you have uncertainity about any aspect of the procedure.

(3). Stay Updated:

Follow government guidelines regarding changes inn the application process or requiring documents additionally.

(4). Keep Your Family data well-organized:

Maintain details such as names, birth and death dates, and relationships of family members to simplify the verification process.

(5). Field Verification:

Government officers come to your home to verify the details mentioned in the application. Once the verification is complete, submit the acknowledgment receipt to collect the document from where you applied.

(6). Understand Rejection Reasons:

Rejection of your application contains specific reasons that will help you rectify missing information in future submissions.

(7). Mention the purpose of the FMC:

Specify why the family member certificate is being requested (e.g., for legal purposes or any other needs)

The Village Revenue Officer (VRO) collected the below details from the household:

Below stated information establishes a relationship within a house. Those are:

  1. Full Names of Parents (including mother's maiden name)
  2. Date of Birth of Parents (if available)
  3. Place of Birth of Parents
  4. Marital Status of Parents
  5. Relationship to the Applicant
  6. Full Names of Siblings

Revenue Inspector (RI) collected below Documents during field verification:

(a). Mandatory Documents:

  • Application
  • Ration Card/Epic Card/Aadhaar Card
  • Applicant's Father/Mother property details
  • Applicant Father/Mother Employment particulars/Income Tax returns (for professionals)

(b). Other available documents:

  • Collect address proof documents (e.g., passport, driving license, utility bill)
  • Take a birth certificate because establishes the parent-child relationship within a family
  • Marriage certificate indicates the date and place of marriage and the names of the spouses so that get it if they have
  • Collect adoption papers if the family has been adopted because bonding details between the adopted child and the adoptive parents is necessary
  • Earn a Divorce Decree that provides clarity on the party's rights and prevents disputes in the future
  • Include a legal disclaimer stating that making false statements could risk interfering with the legal consequences
  • Take legal declaration document to clarify issues if there are any legal complexities in their home
  • Ask for legal affidavits if there have been name changes within the household
  • If the applicant is a minor, take guardianship consent
  • If the application involves joint assets or property, compile relevant details of joint assets within the house
  • Take witness information from neighbors/village elders in case a counter claim is filed to issue FMC
  • Record the statement of the purpose of requesting the certificate for a better understanding of the usage of the certificate
  • Don't ask for documents from subfamilies.

Administrative Procedures:

Below table represents regarding FMC and Timelines.

officerApplyStage 1Stage 2Stage 3
Processing Time Period07 Days5 Days3 Days

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Q1). Son is a government employee and he has a wife, one daughter and a mother but recently expired, so is his mother eligible to obtain FMC?

Ans: Yes. Mother is also one part of the family.

(Q2). What is the validity period of the family member certificate?

Ans: Validity may change from region to region however in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, it is valid for a lifetime.

(Q3). Is there an age limit for family members applying for the certificate?

Ans: There is not mention of applicant age criteria in the G.O copy but guardianship consent is necessary during the field verification

(Q4). Is there a provision for obtaining a FMC for a person who has been missing for an extended period?

Ans: In this scenario, the applicant should bring a notary affidavit with a gazetted officer to sign and produce before the field officer and the field officer should be recorded statement from the neighbors and village elders.

(Q5). Is there a provision for obtaining a family member certificate for a family member who passed away abroad?

Ans: You should take a legal advise

(Q6). Can I use multiple copies of the FMC for different purposes?

Ans: Yes.

(Q7). Who will issue the family member certificate?

Ans: Tahsildar has the approving authority based on the recommendations made by the previous verification officers. Once the request is approved by Tahsildar, the applicant can download family member certificate from where they applied for the certificate.

(Q8). How many days it will take to get a family member certificate in A.P.?

Ans: The service level agreement period in A.P. is 15 days.

(Q9). Can I apply for a Family Member Certificate for a deceased family member who did not have an Aadhaar card?

Ans: Yes. You can apply for FMC even if they did not have an Aadhaar card.

(Q10). If the person is a non-resident of Andhra Pradesh but has properties there, can I still apply for a FMC?

Ans: Residence is usually a mandatory requirement. Owning property alone might not be sufficient.


Family Member Certificate issuing process differ between regions and we mostly focus on the region of Andhra Pradesh, however, most of the similar points are included in this article but we advise you to take this information for knowledge purposes and enquire your local government for precise information other than A.P people.

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