APPSC Group 2 Mental Ability Previous Paper Solutions

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission Group 2 prelims previous paper exam Mental Ability questions with complete solutions are provided here.
appsc group 2 mental ability previous paper

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) released the notification for Group 2 and held the prelims exam in February 2024.

This test includes a section on Mental Ability (Total 30 bits and 30 marks), which is divided into subsections that might include reasoning and arithmetic.

Here we provide fully solved APPSC Group-2 prelims previous paper mental ability questions and also suggest the best scoring material for this topic. Let's follow this matter.


(121). Study the following arrangement carefully : DE*9E$P#6+U0$H1A2D&#AS2ΩA3DS9ALM#.

What Should be in the place of the question mark (?) in the following sequence based on the above arrangement ? DE* 9$P 60$ A#A ? - AAL

(122). Rajesh codes the alphabets as numbers such as a=l, b=2, and so on. Then what is the value that Rajesh gets by adding all the letters (according to the code given to that letter) in the word 'pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis' - 560

(123 - 125)Study the given information and answer the following questions:

YSR Kadapa team has to play cricket matches with Visakhapatnam team as a part Of 'Aadudam Andhra' organized by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

The number of players in each team must be 5 only. Both the teams have to choose 5 players from the eight players given below.

The information about the eight players, their role in the team and the money to be paid for playing one match is as follows :

PlayerRole Money to be paid per Match
CBatsman/Part time Wicketkeeper6,500
DSpecialist Wicketkeeper5,500


  1. B and C cannot be selected togethér.
  2. Wicketkeeper is a must in the team.
  3. E and G cannot be selected together.
  4. Among E, F, G and H, only two persons are to be selected.
  5. If A is selected, H must be selected
  6. There must be at least two batsmen and two bowlers in the team.
  7. C is considered as both a batsman and a wicketkeeper.

(123). YSR Kadapa team decides to compose the team with one fast bowler and one spinner and has a budget of only 26,500 to form a team. Then who among the following is not a member of that team satisfying all the conditions ? - G

(124). If it is known that the stadium is favourable to spin bowling and the YSR Kadapa team decided to select C and G compulsorily in the team, then what is the total amount spent by the team on selected players satisfying all the conditions ? - 28,000

(125). If it is known that the stadium is favourable to fast bowling and the YSR kadapa team decided to compose the team with two fast bowlers, then what would be the least amount that can be spent to form a team satisfying all the conditions? - 27,500

(126). Read the following instructions :

  • A$D means 'A is to the North of D'
  • A&D means 'A is to the East of D'
  • A*D means 'D is to the West of A'
  • A%D means 'D is to the South Of A'
  • A@DR means A stands exactly in the middle of the horizontal line of DR'
  • A!DR means 'A stands exactly the middle of the vertical line of DR'

It should be noted that 'A6m$D' means 'A is 6 meters to the north of D' and so On. Find the shortest distance between S and T in the following expression:

'B12m$S5m*R3m&J6m%K!JT' - 4√13 m

(127). Ramana was born on 29th February, 2016 which happened to be a Monday. If he lives till 2099, how many birthdays would he celebrate on a Monday ? - 2

(129). If in a certain code language 'CONSERVE' is written as 'BDNPMORTDFQSUWDF' then how will 'NUMEROUS' be written in that code ? - MOTVLNDFQSNPTVRT

(130). R and S are friends. R lives in the USA and S lives in India. One day R asked S that 'if the time now in the USA is T hours, then what is the time now in India' and S replied that 'India is 9 hours 30 minutes ahead of the USA'.

Then what time will it be 18 hours from now in India, if in the USA it is 4:15 AM ? - 7:45 the next morning

(133). If 2X4X6X8X10X12X14X16X18 = 18579XYZ0, what is the value of X + Y + Z ? - 15

(134 - 135)Directions for question nos. 134 and 135 :

Study the given information and answer the following questions: On the occasion of the unveiling of the Statue of Social Justice, the Government of Andhra Pradesh had set up an exhibition and stalls at PWD grounds, Vijayawada.

Raghu went to the exhibition to visit 8 stalls, Stall-1, Stall-2, Stall-3, Stall-4, Stall-5, Stall-6, Stall-7, Stall-8, but not necessarily in the same order.

He started from Stall-1 and walked towards Stall-3 which is at a distance of 24 m towards the East.

He then turned left and walked 16 m to reach Stall-5. Then he walked 57m southwest to visit Stall-2, which is towards the South of Stall-1, crossing the path which goes through the midpoint Of the line joining Stall-1 and Stall-3.

After visiting Stall-2, he walked 40m in the East direction and reached Stall-7. He then walked 50 m left to reach Stall-8 and then 16 m right to reach Stall-4 and to reach the last stall, he walked 35 m towards the right.

(134). What is the shortest distance between Stall-3 and Stall-6 ? - 4√89 m

(135). What is the direction of stall-1 with respect to stall-2 and the shortest distance between them? - North, 35 m

(136). If
  • ABxDED = AB AB
  • ABC x DEED = ABC ABC and

where A, B, C, D, E, F and G are different digits, what is the value of F x G ? - 6.

(139). Some equations are solved on the basis of a certain rule. Following the same rule find out the missing number ?

2 [4] 3 =14, 4 [6] 5, =32, 5 [7] 6 =44, 6 [8] 7 =? - 58

(142). Read the following instructions:

  • A3B means 'A is the Mother of B'
  • A11B means 'A is the Brotherof B'
  • A9B means 'A is the Father of B'
  • A12B means 'A is the Sister of B

Which of the following expressions means that P is the maternal uncle of Q ? - P11M3N12Q

(143). Find out the odd one in the following series :

2, 4, 7, 11.5, 18.25, 28.375, 42.6625 - 42.5625

(149). Statement : Two industrialists; Shyam and Manoj, have industries right next to each other. They have been working hard for their industries' development and both of them manufacture the same product.

Both spend an equal amount of time, use the same materials and are equally hardworking. During the sales period, Shyam had better product sales in comparison to Manoj's product.

Conclusion I : The quality of the material used by Manoj was not good.

Conclusion Il : Power cuts ruined the quality of Manoj's product. - Neither Conclusion 1 nor 2 follows.

(150). Statement : The civic authority has decided that all the factories located inside the city limits be shifted outside to reduce the level of environmental pollution in the city.

Assumption Ⅰ : The pollution level in the city in the future may be reduced after these factories are shifted outside the city limits.

Assumption Ⅱ : Enough usable land is available outside the city limit for these factories.

Assumption Ⅲ : Many of these factories may shift to some other smaller towns to remain profitable. - Only 1 and 2 are implicit.


(128). The speeds of Rohit and Lalith are 30 km/h and 40 km/h. Initially, Lalith is at place X and Rohit is at place Y. The distance between X and Y is 650 kms.

Rohit started his journey 3 hours earlier than Lalith to meet him. If they both meet each other at a place Z somewhere between X and Y and the distance between Y and Z is P, then what is the value of P+2? - 165

(131). In the month of January, the students of Chaitanya Bharathi Public School visited M/S Swaminathan Farm, where they saw rabbits and pigeons.

One Student started counting. If the heads are counted; there are 340 heads and if the legs are counted there are 1060 1egs.

He also observed that 3 pigeons (out of the total pigeons present there) were dead. Then how many live pigeons are there on that farm ? - 147

(132). The Sum of the present ages Of Ramu and his son jagadeesh is 60 years. Six years ago, Ramu's age was five times the age of Jagadeesh. After 6 years, Jagadeesh's age Will be : 20 Years

(137). Suneetha is working as a Deputy Collector and gets a monthly salary of Rs 74,000. She used to spend it on three heads i.e., Personal and family expenses (P), Medical (M) and Charity (C) and the rest were her savings.

P was 70% of her salary, M was 20% of P and C was 15% of M. When she gets a salary hike, her salary is 60% higher than in the past.

She maintained the same percentage of P, but M became 25% of P and C became 20% Of M. The difference between the two savings is : - Rs 370.

(138). Vijay invested a sum of Rs 8,192 at 15% per annum in the State Bank of India. What is the compound interest for the sum invested by Vijay for 1 and 1/4 years, if interest is compounded 5 monthly ? - Rs 1634

(141). Siva defines a number as 'connected with 9' if it is divisible by 9, or if the sum of its digits is 9, or if 9 is one of the digits of the number, and other numbers are all 'not connected with 9. As per his definition, the number of integers from 1 to 90 (both included) which are not connected with 9 is : - 72

(144). Priyanka brought 20 plates and 12 teacups. She marked up the plates by 15% on the cost price of each and the teacups by Rs 20 on the cost price of each.

She sold 75% of the plates and 8 teacups and made a profit of Rs 385. If the cost of a teacup is 60% of the cost of a plate and she got no returns on unsold items, what was her overall profit or loss ? - Loss of Rs 355

(145). Mahesh and Krishna are engaged to do a work. Mahesh working alone takes 8 hours more to complete the job than if both worked together.

If Krishna worked alone, he would need 4.5 hours more to complete the job than if they both worked together. How much time would they both take to do the work together ? - 6 hours.

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