Spouse Assistance for Deceased Artistes Pension Beneficiaries

the ministry of culture india provide 5999 rupees financial support to spouses of deceased artist pensioner to maintain a decent quality of life
Transfer of deceased Artist Pension to Spouse

Losing a family head added stress of financial uncertainty. Thankfully, the Ministry of Culture recognizes this hardship and offers 5999 rupees financial support to spouses of deceased artistes pension beneficiaries, acknowledging their valuable contributions to the cultural landscape.

Eligibility Conditions for Spouse Financial Support:

Here's a summary of the key points regarding financial assistance to the spouse in case of the death of a beneficiary. Those are

1. Under the established guidelines for the transfer of artist pension to spouse, he/she may request the transfer of financial assistance in their name, provided the application is submitted within one year of the beneficiary's death otherwise forfeited.

2. Furthermore, to prevent any misuse of the scheme and ensure its integrity, spouses are required to provide an undertaking confirming that they are not receiving financial assistance from other schemes under the Ministry of Culture or other Central Government departments for the same purpose.

Required Documents for Financial Assistance to the Spouse in case of death of Beneficiary:

  1. Death Certificate of the beneficiary in original or self-attested
  2. Documentary proof to support that the late beneficiary was getting artistes pension
  3. The Aadhaar Card of the spouse
  4. Address proof of the spouse
  5. An undertaking letter that he/she is not getting financial assistance under the other schemes of the Ministry of Culture or other Ministry for the same purpose
  6. Bank authorization letter
  7. Legal heir certificate
  8. Digital life certificate (DLC) of the spouse
  9. Income Certificate of the spouse


To streamline the process and ensure transparency, specific timelines have been set for the verification and approval stages. Assistance is subject to physical verification and approval

Within three weeks of receiving the request, the concerned Zonal Cultural Centre or Ministry officer conducts a physical inspection to verify the authenticity of the application.

Once an affirmative report is established, the Integrated Finance Division (IFD) of the Ministry reviews the case within two weeks, seeking clarification or additional documents if necessary.

Subsequently, the Competent Authority approves the request within one week, facilitating the prompt transfer of financial assistance to the spouse from the consequent month.

Assistance Amount:

The amount of assistance transferred to the spouse is fixed at Rs 5999 /- per month.


The Ministry's initiative to transfer financial assistance to the spouses of deceased artistes pension beneficiaries serves as a beacon of hope, offering practical support during a difficult time, and allowing families to navigate through challenging times with dignity and resilience.

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