Pastors Honorarium Eligibility Criteria, Beneficiary Status etc...

andhra pradesh state minorities welfare department provide 5000 rupees honorarium to pastors on every month who rendering services in churches.

To uplift the pastor's poor financial condition, the Government of Andhra Pradesh providing monthly Rs 5000/- honorarium to eligible pastors serving in churches according to assurances incorporated in the manifesto through Andhra Pradesh State Christian (Minorities) Finance Corporation under the Jurisdiction of the State Minorities Welfare Department. Let's read other highlights included in the honorarium payment guidelines below:

Eligibility Details:

The eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the church to be considered for the said scheme are as follows:

  • The church should be registered under the societies act.
  • The churches that have provided possession certificate issued by Tahsildars and church land gift deeds document given by the donors.
  • The institution should not have any source of income.
  • More than one church on their Branches may have a single society/Trust registration number, but each church must have a separate Bank account to avoid duplication.

Required Documents:

  1. Church/Society registration certificate
  2. Bank Account on the name of the institution
  3. Land particulars document
  4. Self declaration affidavit stating that there is no income from other sources
  5. Photo of the Church

How to Apply?

The target is to provide an honorarium to 10,000 pastors working in the churches. Accordingly, the GSWS Department has enabled online registrations at the EBC portal through welfare assistants login in a church located grama/ward secretariat.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(1) Is he eligible if Pastor's wife is a government employee?

Ans: Amount is given to church account. Pastors' details are not being considered. Six step validation does not arise. Any worship place that fulfills eligibility criteria is eligible.

(2) What are the income and qualifications of Churchman?

Ans: Don't consider his/her qualification but the church must not have any other sources of income like rents or receiving foreign funds.

(3) Is the YSR pension receiver eligible for this scheme?

Ans: Yes. Amount not credited to pastor's account. Government sending into institutional account

(4) Church is registered but not renewal, what can do?

Ans: Registration must be valid and in existence

(5) Does it apply to those vicar who came once a month or once a week to the shrine?

Ans: Shrines fulfilling the eligibility criteria are eligible.

(6) Does it apply if the whole family members working in a different churches or considering one person in the family is eligible?

Ans: Church honorarium is not given to individuals and duplication of accounts is not allowed.

(7) How to know the church not getting any other source of income?

Ans: Self declaration is only being considered at this time. If any time the details provided by the management is proved to be wrong, the released amounts will be recovered.

(8) The meetinghouse is located in the purview of one secretariat and the pastor is residing in another secretariat, what can do in such a context?

Ans: The application is church centric. Please consider churches within concerned secretariat jurisdiction only. Pastor's residence need not necessarily be in the same place or area where the chapel is located.

(9) Is female persons eligible for this financial assistance to pastors scheme?

Ans: This scheme is not gender based. Anyone can apply.

(10) Is rented building churches are eligible to apply?

Ans: Yes if they produce a fresh lease agreement after completion of the lease agreement period for renewal of honorarium.

Beneficiary list and Status:

This link gives you full clarity from the enrolled stage by WEA to final approval up to the collector level from district wise to village secretariat level.

Note: Present the link not working for knowing beneficiary status, sorry for the inconvenience.

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